Pablo Méndez Hernández, MD, MHS, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences and Director, Masters in Public Health Program

Autonomous University of Tlaxcala State, Mexico

Head, Health Research

Tlaxcala State Department of Health, Mexico


Pablo Méndez Hernández, MD, MHS, PhD, is professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences and directs the Masters in Public Health program for the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala State, where he teaches Research Methodology, Statistics and Epidemiology, and also serves as the Head of Health Research for the Tlaxcala State Department of Health. Dr. Méndez received his medical degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a Master of Health Sciences, specializing in reproductive health from the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico (INSP) and his doctorate in Health Sciences from the Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France.

Dr. Méndez has worked on studies assessing the impact of lifestyle on the risk for developing chronic diseases, and the impact of healthy lifestyle on the reduction of chronic diseases and related healthcare costs. He has a strong interest in developing behavior modification studies to prevent chronic diseases to demonstrate that healthy behaviors help people to remain healthy and reduce medical healthcare costs. He sees two great challenges for the health system in Mexico: 1) to convince and involve decision makers to invest in chronic diseases prevention; and 2) to identify and highlight strategies and programs that to help reduce risky behaviors related to chronic diseases among target populations. Dr. Méndez is interested in generating and utilizing scientific evidence to inform Mexican policy-makers about health and the economic impact of lack of effective strategies to prevent chronic diseases. Dr. Méndez is a member of the Academy of Public Health and Nutrition.

Project Title: Family Participatory-Action in Elementary Schools: Community-based intervention to encourage healthy lifestyles and reduce obesity risk in children of elementary schools from Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Project Objective: Engage families, schools, and children in school-based interventions to reduce obesity and promote healthy lifestyles.