Mónica Ramírez Vargas, MD, MPH

Deputy Director of Social Participation in Health

Ministry of Health, México DF

Coordinator, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Clinical Rotation

General Directorate for Health Promotion, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Mexico


Mónica Ramírez Vargas received her training in medicine and a diploma in Metabolic Diseases, Nutrition and Obesity from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, and her Masters of Public Health with a focus on Health Administration from the National Institute of Public Health (INSP).

She has extensive experience collaborating on committees on the development and validation of the Official Standards of Health for Mexico. Dr. Ramírez experience in design, implementation and monitoring of programs for prevention and health promotion, such as Health Begins at Home; Women, Health and Development; Exercise for Health Care and Dietary Guidance. She has designed and prepared training materials and guides for various health programs, and trained trainers of health programs and health promotion projects for state, jurisdictional and municipal personnel. She is responsible for assessment and monitoring of Municipal Public Health Projects, and collaborates as guest professor in the Master of Public Health program of the National Institute of Public Health.

Dr. Ramírez’ areas of expertise and interests include public health, health promotion, public policy, development of health competencies, social participation for Community Action, health and gender, designing, implementing, and monitoring of sectorial interventions for the comprehensive care of indigenous peoples.

Project Title: Evaluation of the design of the national strategy for prevention and control of overweight, obesity and diabetes

Project Objective: Conduct an evaluation of the national strategy for the prevention of overweight and obesity, and make recommendations on improving the program.