Adriana Garduño Alanís, MHS, PhD

Chief, Research Unit

Mónica Pretelini Sáenz Maternal-Perinatal Hospital, Toluca, Mexico


Adriana Garduño Alanís is responsible for the development, coordination evaluation and follow-up of research projects, and is a member of the hospital Ethics Committee. Dr. Garduño Alanís received her training in nutrition, and completed her masters and doctoral degrees in health sciences from the School of Medicine of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. Her doctoral thesis addressed diet quality and related complications in overweight or obese pregnant women. Her research and publications primarily are related to the nutritional treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases in pregnant women, and have led to changes in practices that have contributed to the improvement of health outcomes for both mothers and infants.

Dr. Garduño Alanís is interested in how public health research can influence public policy to improve health outcomes and quality of life in Mexico. She sees how quality study design and execution can contribute to the generation and dissemination of knowledge that can be implemented in health programs and policies and utilized in health promotion activities, and to this end is committed to working in public health research.

Project Title: Influence of eating behavior on gestational weight gain at the end of pregnancy in women with gestational diabetes or type 2 diabetes mellitus

Project Objective: To evaluate the association between different types of eating behaviors and weight gain in prepartum women with diabetes to identify ways to improve adherence to dietary interventions.